About the Nordic Affiliate

The Nordic Affiliate was initiated in 2000. The Affiliate consists of the 5 Nordic countries.


 Denmark         Finland            Iceland             Norway           Sweden

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Currently Nordic Affiliate have 720 registered Members with active regional representation in all Nordic countries. The activities consist of both Conferences and Network Meetings.

In order to be an attractive organization for the Members, Nordic have some local communities of practice (CoPs). Each CoP arrange 2-3 afternoon network meetings, where a hot topic within the CoP is presented and discussed. Also the network meetings are a great opportunity to network among equal minded within the industry. The network meetings are free of charge for ISPE Members.

The Conferences are normally a whole or 1½ day events, organized by some of the board members and other volunteers. Between 3-4 conferences are organized every year, with the Annual Conference as the last where also the Annual General Meeting is held. Conferences are open for both Members and non-members. The last however pays a higher conference fee, but in return gets a one year membership in ISPE paid by the Affiliate. Invitations to conferences are sent out to the Nordic Members and the programme can be found in the Affiliate Event Calendar.

The Nordic Affiliate Board of Directors is made up of Officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair and Elected Board members. The officers are elected for one year. Normally the secretary becomes vice chair and the vice chair become chair to ensure continuity in the Board. All Board members are volunteers and as such many have to fit in their ISPE activities with fulltime jobs. The Nordic Board of Directors meets four to five times per year.

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People from the Nordic Affiliate also participate actively in committees and councils within the international ISPE organization. Eg., the Affiliate Board Chair and Vice Chair are part of the European Affiliate Council, the Affiliate Membership Chair is part of the International Membership Development Committee. And there are participants from Nordic Affiliate in many of the international CO’s.

Join the ISPE Nordic Affiliate

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To join the ISPE Nordic Affiliate you must first join ISPE then select the ISPE Nordic Affiliate as your Affiliate during the join process.

Join the Linkedin Group

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Please also join the ISPE Nordic Linkedin group. This group is open for both Members and non-members and we announce all events on this group.


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