About the Midwest Chapter

A "reasonable drive" is defined by members of the far-flung Midwest Chapter as any place that can be reached by car within five hours — each way! Because the Midwest Chapter encompasses the states of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa, and covers more than 280,000 square miles, it is also not unusual for members to charter planes in order to attend the over-night chapter meetings. Therefore, the Chapter meetings include plant tours, extended education programs, and social events and take place in alternate locations each time.

The Midwest Chapter came to be because of the need of ISPE members, deep in the heartland and far from the heavy concentration of the pharmaceutical-based industry on the East and West coasts, to network with members of their profession. Founding members, Gerry Richardson of Clark, Richardson and Biskup Inc. and Dave Koncak of Marion Laboratories Inc., returned from an ISPE Annual Meeting, filled with enthusiasm and determination to form a local chapter of ISPE in Kansas City. They formed a steering committee in March 1987 with Bob Tully, Harry Brown, Jay Ziegler and Frank Harmon.


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